At the heart of everything, I’m a teacher. And anyone who says it’s an easy, cushy job is clueless. I spend my days in a school that is designed for gifted and other out-of-the-box learners in the Rocky Mountain region, in addition to doing a lot of other things that aren’t anywhere in my job description but that I enjoy tremendously, including presenting sessions on gifted education to teachers, schools, and at conferences like CAGT, CCIRA, and Denver Pop Culture Con. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with the man I adore and furs without jobs (all of whom often keep me from working after work), dreaming of trips to foreign locales where the food is good and the drink is simply lovely, yoga, fly-fishing where the river runs through it, seeking enlightenment, and reading books about characters who can solve the world’s problems in the span of a few hundred pages.

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